Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Embellished Cloth Diaper

Well, this is officially my 2nd sewing project! This one isn't super SU related, but I figured I would post it since I did use SU ribbon (although retired)! This is a Gerber pre-folded cloth diaper, which can be purchased in packs of 12. I chose a soft flannel fabric, cut the fabric 8" wide and about 19" long, which allows for 1" sides to be folded under. I pre-washed everything before I started & then ironed well. This is supposed to eliminate any future shrinking, if you wash it in hot water. I lined each side with ribbon and pinned it all together before taking it to the machine. Then, I simply ran 2 seams along each side and one on each end. I think these would make great baby gifts! And of course since we're expecting a new little boy in June, this one will come in handy for him!
I hope to try some more of these. The biggest challenge is the cloth diaper loosing a little of it's shape, which can make cutting and measuring a little difficult. Apparently the pre-washing is definitely a must! Check out the directions I followed here.

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