Monday, June 22, 2009

Technique Class Projects

Here are the projects we'll be making at tonight's Technique class: Vitalized Vellum, Stamping on candles, Faux Silk, & the Dahlia fold. I think all of these turned out pretty well and I'm excited to see how the ladies respond! All of them are fairly simple. The Dahlia fold is a little tedious, but it's very pretty, so I hope it works for everyone.
Directions can be found on under 'Resources'. I will also be holding a make-up class next week for those who could not attend this evening. Click on any picture to enlarge. Please email me if you're interested.

Stamped Candle

Faux Silk

Dahlia Fold

Vitalized Vellum

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Melissa said...

Love the projects, Malia. Very cute and creative. How are you doing? What are your thoughts on the new catalog? Just checking in with you. How is your family doing? Have a great Summer.